A brand new product

Your Shoulders.

Your Style.

FLiiPS straps have been developed with comfort as requirement.  Great materials. Vibrant colors. Two inches longer than conventional straps–one size fits most. Tested to 100 machine washings and still look new.

"A Perfect Fit" -- Anna S.

"The Comfiest Straps EVER!" -- Rachel H.

"Should use these straps on all bras"-- Karen W.

"Love at first touch!" -- Chrissy A.

Retailers for FLiiPS

Are you a retailer who wants to give FLiiPS a try in your store?  Do you know a retailer who should be carrying FLiiPS? We’re happy to help with wholesale pricing, custom display units and lightning fast shipping.  Each pair of FLiiPS is packaged in its own attractive box.

Promotional FLiiPS

FLiiPS are the perfect promotional and custom product because they are reversible.  With two-sided printing there is space for your message and your sponsor.  Fun on the front; business on the back.

Design New FLiiPS

Go ahead and express yourself with FLiiPS! We want to hear about and maybe create your designs.  Please let us know your ideas for new products.  With our quick turnaround, you may have your idea become a reality in no time!

Share your FLiiPS Stories

We are always excited to hear about your FLiiPS experience.  Tell us your story .  Send us a photo or video. Please Share!  We will share the best stories on our blog.

Why FLiiPS?

FLiiPS is about choices.  With FLiiPS, you can use your shoulders to make a statement or just have fun.  Yes, you can support your team or your college–announcing your support in a new, fresh, and very original way.  You can make your support for a cause clear.  You can also liven up your wardrobe basics with accents of color and fashion.

Support your team or school

FLiiPS are the perfect special addition to your gameday wear!

Reversible means more choices for you!

Each pair of reversible FLiiPS straps provides three different fashion looks–front, back and a combination of the two.

Liven up your wardrobe

FLiiPS can be a cute addition to some of your outfits.

Do something new and original

Show the world what you care about in a way that you have never done before–with your straps. 

Introducing FLiiPS

Please watch our short video to learn more about FLiiPS.

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“SO COOL!  I never saw these before!”–Fans outside Fenway, September 2018

“Can’t wait to try these with my bikini top!”

“These are awesome.  Go SOX!”

See FLiiPS Stories!

My Red Sox!

My Sox just won their third straight Division title.  On to the playoffs! Editor’s update: World Series Champs!

My Life

I live my life on my terms.  FLiiPS lets me to express my style. I’m strong and make my own choices.

My Causes

FLiiPS Causes straps express  what I really care about.  I feel great about wearing my heart on my…shoulders.


What’s your style today?

“FLiiPS provides me the perfect way to let the world know a little bit about me. I express myself.  I start the conversation.  This is me and what I care about. — Anna S. Naples, FL

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