FLiiPS is About Choice

With FLiiPS, you can use your shoulders to make a statement or just have fun.  Yes, you can support your team or your college–announcing your support in a new, fresh, and very original way.  You can make your support for a cause clear.  You can also liven up your wardrobe basics with accents of color and fashion.


“SO COOL!  I've never seen these before!”–Fans outside Fenway, September 2018


“Can’t wait to try these with my bikini top!”


“These are awesome.  Go SOX!”

Your Shoulders. Your Style.

A brand new product

FLiiPS straps have been developed with comfort as requirement. Great materials. Vibrant colors. Two inches longer than conventional straps–one size fits most. Tested to 100 machine washings and still look new.

  • "A Perfect Fit" -- Anna S.
  • "The Comfiest Straps EVER!" -- Rachel H.
  • "Should use these straps on all bras"-- Karen W.
  • "Love at first touch!" -- Chrissy A.

FLiiPS Stories

What do you love?

FLiiPS straps allow you to express your passions in a way that can't be missed. Whether you deeply care about ...
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Your Shoulders. Your Style.™

When we designed FLiiPS straps, we focused on quality.  Creating replacement straps for bras meant we had an opportunity to ...
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Retailer Information

FLiiPS has started meeting with retailers about our plan for getting our straps out to our customers. We love retailers ...
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Promotional Product and Custom Programs

FLiiPS is ready to go as a brand new promotional or custom product, perfect for whatever you can imagine. With ...
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FLiiPS Storytelling

  We can't wait to hear some fabulous FLiiPS stories from you!  To share yours now, just contact us.  In ...
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FLiiPS at Fenway

My Shoulders. My Red Sox. Sunday Baseball on ESPN.  Red Sox vs. the World Champion Astros.  Red Sox Nation is ...
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