About FLiiPS

My Shoulders. My Message.

What’s Your Message?

FLiiPS was started as a concept centered on printing designs and messages on straps.

First, we had to figure out how to print bra straps—no easy feat on narrow fabric, especially when we wanted to print two sides. After a year of experimentation, we were able to print beautiful reversible fashion design bra straps for multi-way, convertible bras. (US Pat. Pending US20150140898)

We then thought, why not embellish those straps with favorite affiliations? The college we love. The teams we cheer for. The military service branch we, a family member or friend proudly serves in. The favorite charity or cause we support.

FLiiPS products also excited us because they were only for women. Officially licensed and fashion apparel accessories that are not unisex products (hats, t-shirts). The reversible, two-design straps were a new product that had never existed before. Casual day and date night. Home and away. Solids and patterns.

We love that every woman’s shoulders are her own “billboard space.” Every woman can wear her unique affiliations as her personal brand. My Shoulders. My Message.

So, FLiiPS straps say to the world, “This is me. Who I am. What I care about. Others don’t tell me; I own it.”

We all have many affiliations and we can now express them in a new, direct, fashionable, and fun way.

Enjoy your straps and share your personal story with us at Fliips.com, #MyFliipsStory, and on Facebook.

More on FLiiPS

Since those first thoughts several years ago, we have continued to make progress in our ability to help our customers express themselves with their strap choices.  We want to make the right choices for you.  To do this we are working with a number of business partners who are all experts in what they do.  We are listening closely to their counsel and even more closely to yours.


Online purchases

We feel the greatest option for communication with our customers is direct–through our online store. Here, we can offer each and every design and update the line immediately as new products are created.

Bricks and Mortar Retailers

We love that our retailers are experts at what they do. Each and every day we hear of new ideas, whether those are requests for new designs, merchandising FLiiPS with creativity and flair, or fashion interpretations that only professionals can see. Our retailers are critical in our ability to tell the FLiiPS story.

Custom and Promotional Products

As an innovative product, FLiiPS generates daily interest from partners who simply want us to manufacture their ideas. As a two-sided product, the promotional products industry has fallen in love. The front of the strap can be used for the message, the back for the sponsor. We have build a quick response, reliable process to produce FLiiPS for every customer.

Company Mission

Our product has a very simple “Why?”–They’re your shoulders.  You should control the message.  We will enable that.

We want to show respect.  Make things easy. Provide value.  Create choices.