What do you love?

By George | September 21, 2018

FLiiPS straps allow you to express your passions in a way that can’t be missed. Whether you deeply care about a cause, a team or a college, FLiiPS is there for you. Or maybe you just want to have some fun and accessorize an outfit. That’s cool too. We are proud licensees of the National […] Read More

Your Shoulders. Your Style.™

By George | September 21, 2018

When we designed FLiiPS straps, we focused on quality.  Creating replacement straps for bras meant we had an opportunity to build a great strap.  We created a list for making sure we did that. First, we looked to comfort.  The material we used is as comfortable as any strap that’s ever existed.  We also added […] Read More

Retailer Information

By George | September 21, 2018

FLiiPS has started meeting with retailers about our plan for getting our straps out to our customers. We love retailers who can tell the FLiiPS story in their stores.  They are experts at merchandising our new product in ways that we can’t dream of doing online.  Matching straps with tops, showing variations in looks, and […] Read More

Promotional Product and Custom Programs

By George | September 21, 2018

FLiiPS is ready to go as a brand new promotional or custom product, perfect for whatever you can imagine. With first quality printing available on the front and back of the straps, this is the perfect “Women’s” promotional product.  We are currently designing programs with exciting affinity designs for the front and sponsor logos on […] Read More

FLiiPS Storytelling

By George | September 21, 2018

  We can’t wait to hear some fabulous FLiiPS stories from you!  To share yours now, just contact us.  In the future, we will all be sharing through social media.  We’ll be ready soon with that! Till then, we will tell you some of our stories.  Here are some so far. We went to our […] Read More

FLiiPS at Fenway

By George | September 10, 2018

My Shoulders. My Red Sox. FLiiPS invades Fenway!

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