Retailer Information

FLiiPS has started meeting with retailers about our plan for getting our straps out to our customers.

We love retailers who can tell the FLiiPS story in their stores.  They are experts at merchandising our new product in ways that we can’t dream of doing online.  Matching straps with tops, showing variations in looks, and offering customers suggestions are all incredibly helpful in introducing such a brand new concept.

If you are a retailer interested in hearing more about FLiiPS, be sure to contact us.  We have sales reps around the country who would be happy to assist you.  FLiiPS has point of purchase displays that are provided free of charge.  Each display has a custom printed header to attract new customers.  We’re here to get you started.

If you have other suggestions for retailer support, we’d love to hear from you as well.  We know our straps will be incredibly popular with women once they are made aware of them.  We know our retailers will play a critical role in creating that needed awareness.

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