Promotional Product and Custom Programs

FLiiPS is ready to go as a brand new promotional or custom product, perfect for whatever you can imagine.

With first quality printing available on the front and back of the straps, this is the perfect “Women’s” promotional product.  We are currently designing programs with exciting affinity designs for the front and sponsor logos on the back.  This will create a perfect combination for consumers: they will love their FLiiPS for the front and appreciate the sponsorship every time they put them on.

The program is in place and ready to go.  We have an art template for straps designs, a perfect color-matching process, and a pricing matrix that will make sense (minimum order is 250 units).  Bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life.

FLiiPS can be used as a gift-with-purchase to incentivize customers.  Customer recognition programs for women are going to be well-received for their empowerment message implied in the straps.

Custom programs also work well with FLiiPS.  You bring your design ideas to us and we make them happen.

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