FLiiPS Storytelling


We can’t wait to hear some fabulous FLiiPS stories from you!  To share yours now, just contact us.  In the future, we will all be sharing through social media.  We’ll be ready soon with that!

Till then, we will tell you some of our stories.  Here are some so far.

We went to our first FLiiPS modeling shoot and much to our surprise, the models loved creating their own looks with the straps. We didn’t plan it, but the first look that was created was to mix the designs, front and back.  We had just planned on front or back.  Very cool.

We went to our first vendor trade show at Purdue University.  We were pleasantly shocked to be the hit of the show.  More amazing was the off-plan requests we received–dorms wanted custom Purdue straps decorated with their intramural name.

When the straps were tested for the first time at a local bar, it took all of a minute to get positive comments. Plus, the comments kept coming from women who wanted to know where we got the straps!  It’s SO fun to shake things up.


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